Largo Medians

About this Project

Heartwood and Bark designed landscape improvements for over nine miles of urban roadway medians within the City of Largo. The project incorporated the design/safety guidelines of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) for landscape medians along the entire lengths of East Bay Drive, Seminole Boulevard and Missouri Avenue within the Largo city limits.

The landscape was designed with drought tolerant  plant material. Plants species were chosen for their ability to survive the harsh environmental conditions of a Florida roadway median without the aid of irrigation. The City of Largo also requested that the shrubs provide seasonal flowering interest. The use of ornamental peanut groundcover will eliminate lawn mowing along the entire corridors of the project area thus reducing long term maintenance costs and increasing the safety of the maintenance workers.

Heartwood and Bark also provided photo imaging services to the City. These photo images were used to convince two outdoor advertising companies to allow palm trees within their landscape management zones for five locations along the roadways. This result added street trees to medians that otherwise would not have any vertical elements. These additional palms add visual continuity of the streetscape trees within the City.

Additional Info

  • Skills: Landscape Architecture
  • Client: City of Largo

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