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Brandon Pointe is a residential community constructed by Lennar in Brandon, Florida. This community includes both traditional single family homes as well as townhome buildings.

The design elements for this project can be described as being in an “upscale contemporary” style. The detailing of the sign logo included a gradient glass tile background with text in a narrow font that allows the letters to remain a consistent width within the vertical ribs of the aluminum sign frame. The rough stone wall segments provide a contrast to the smooth tile and stucco wall segments while blending the colors into a pleasing composition.

The intial phase of the project includes one of two planned vehicular entrances, a swimming pool and a pool cabana. The entrance as located at a portion of the property where the slope of the land was downward away from Providence Lakes Boulevard. The entrance walls were constructed as retaining walls to lift the land on the front side of the walls up so it is level with Providence Lakes Boulevard. These walls appear to be six feet tall on the front side but are eight to nine feet tall on the back side. The sign walls were constructed on a seventy-five foot radius that opens the gated entrance up to the overall master planned community parkway in a way that provides the sense of a grand entrance but uses very little real estate.

The amenity area for Brandon Pointe includes a 1850 square foot swimming pool and a pool cabana. The pool deck consists of three paver colors that outline the rectilinear pool and was designed to minimize paver cuts and only include full pavers. The upgraded waterline tile blends with the paver colors to provide a resort quality pool for the communities residents.

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