USF Cypress Apartments

About this Project

Cypress Apartments is a 300 bed student housing complex on the University of South Florida campus. The project consists of two 4 story buildings and a student activities building. The design team and the USF staff strived to preserve many of the large Live Oak trees on the site. The massive size of these trees help to soften the facades of the mid-rise buildings. The layout of the associated parking areas also respected the existing trees and trees now provide much needed shade for the student’s cars.

The previous use of the open space adjacent to the buildings was a practice putting green for the nearby campus golf course. The greenspace between the Cypress Apartments and Cypress Hall is an undulating lawn that consists of large beds of groundcover under Live Oak clusters. This space is actively used by the students as it provides open space for recreation and shaded spaces for more passive activities.

Jake Zimmerman acted as Project Manager for the development of the construction documents for this project while working for a former employer.

Additional Info

  • Skills: Landscape Architecture
  • Client: University of South Florida

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