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“Peg’s, a bungalow turned into a restaurant, shares good food, good beer, and good times with a bit of social consciousness”. The outdoor dining area for Peg’s Pizza Cantina not only doubled the seating capacity of the original layout but also draws patrons from the sidewalk along Beach Boulevard in Gulfport’s Waterfront District. Patrons are attracted to the lively atmosphere just beyond a low picket fence and flowering shrubs.

The hardscape design made careful use of available dining space on this small site while avoiding damaging existing trees. These mature trees provide shade in the summer and an ambiance at night that would not be possible with newly planted trees. While more tables could have been accommodated by removing the trees, adjusting the paved surfaces around the existing tree locations provides a comfortable dining experience with a casual sophistication.

The owner’s thoughts on environmental stewardship are evident in the use of rain barrels for irrigation, the use of native/draught tolerant plants, and the choice of building materials in the hardscape. The landscape plan removed much of the lawn areas and replaced it with shrubs and groundcovers that do not need irrigation to remain in a lush condition.

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